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Definition of stack:

  1. A large conical heap of corn in the straw, thatched on the top; a large pile of hay, straw, or wood; a number of chimneys standing together; in geol., a pillar- like rock separated from the mainland; a needle.
  2. To lay up in a large pile or heap.


muss, pipe, CD, layer, cud, people, corn, visual sense, fix, mass, bushel, ditch, fold, bank, hoi polloi, crop rotation, flowerpot, bus, truckload, hill, pack, fireplace, toilet, sheaf, mountain, buffer, grate, quantity, muddle, nap, rush, CD-ROM, atomic pile, cache, set, peck, plateful, green goddess, gage, bargain, archivist, hearth, tummy, abundance, plenteousness, batch, sess, big money, mess hall, view, the great unwashed, come down, circle, cultivate, jam, pyramid, mussiness, visual modality, plentitude, stool, collate, pile, art gallery, bucket, throng, cumulus, ton, portion, lay out, agglomerate, mount, softwood, annals, accession, inglenook, much, agglomeration, fistful, cultivated, shipload, multitude, card catalog, survey, blu-ray, chimney, fate, throne, bay window, business deal, shock, chunk, plenitude, freshet, loads, fortune, chaw, bunch, mess, spile, crop circle, multiplicity, destiny, cowl, good deal, crapper, drift, push-down stack, slew, reams, passel, boot disk, jalopy, dozen, hand, spate, skunk, order, cash crop, plentifulness, scads, organize, cock, push-down storage, corporation, buzz, audience, mint, dope, lot, mound, drop, jackpot, stagger, heap, cache memory, flue, trade, raft, quite a little, fire screen, carrel, voltaic pile, draw, archive, bulk, gobs, oodles, arrange, captain, ken, commode, cumulation, profusion, sight, sort, flock, chew, carload, bundle, arable, climb, can, mint candy, hole, surge, barrel, muckle, fender, stilt, CD-RW, down, airlift, volume, band, quid, smoke, basketful, fireguard, store, wealth, fireside, wad, hatful, distribute, circumstances, lashings, potful, atomic reactor, piling, smokestack, kitty, combine, masses, bookmobile, plug, mob, plenty, luck, caboodle, great deal, tumble, weed, sens, locoweed, whole lot, range, boatload, potentiometer, big bucks, chain reactor, push-down list, grass, wall, troop, pot, potbelly, haystack, hundred, eject, tidy sum, CDE, clutch, whole slew, push-down store, upsurge, crop, potty, vision, CD-R, messiness, deal, pickle, myriad, kettle of fish, mickle, galvanic pile, megabucks, yard.

Usage examples: