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Definition of staff:

  1. Plaster combined with fibrous and other materials so as to be suitable for sculpture in relief or in the round, or for forming flat plates or boards of considerable size which can be nailed to framework to make the exterior of a larger structure, forming joints which may afterward be repaired and concealed with fresh plaster.


cast, pool, clef, organization, allegro, rung, braces, bandage, waddy, bar line, crown jewels, billy club, escort, collaborate, engage, billy, module, walking stick, collar, recruit, appoint, arr., bat, corset, andante, checkered flag, volunteer, fill someone's shoes, MC, double as, bearer, round, workforce, bastinado, cotton, Jolly Roger, con brio, personnel, employ, ensign, cover for, mental faculty, manpower, retain, hire, bludgeon, cavalcade, stave, nightstick, faculty, lag, help, bunting, labor market, profession, work, hammer and sickle, take on, payroll, con amore, bass clef, corps, be your own boss, master of ceremonies, people, sign, Blue Peter, labor force, mace, sign on, cotton ball, truncheon, emcee, machine, sap, mast, labor, adagio, take in, confirm, serve, Band-Aid, shillelagh, color, cane, compress, flag, cudgel, pageantry.

Usage examples: