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Definition of stag:

  1. The male deer; fem. hind; a reindeer in his fifth year; an unlicensed or unrecognised dealer in shares.


impure, buck, caller, discover, visiting fireman, unprintable, tell on, trashy, browse, disclose, blackleg, defecate, rat, pornographic, cock, break, take a shit, frequent, visitor, divulge, mark, fink, blue, ribald, lewd, smutty, grass, stool, lascivious, denounce, bull, stigmatize, shop, porny, make, take a crap, spy, hart, brand, unwrap, sell, let on, filthy, locker-room, patronize, cop, cockerel, snoop, lead astray, thieve, scab, spot, peach, dirty, foul, espy, snitch, stigmatise, knock off, deceive, nasty, crap, fail, cuckold, hook, boarder, sponsor, wander, descry, give away, alpha male, grass over, let out, indecent, sight, boar, ca-ca, sleuth, guest of honor, bullock, coarse, bring out, shop at, house guest, buy at, boy, profane, betray, wanton, expose, bewray, raunchy, glom, crude, X-rated, shit, gutter, reveal, vulgar, denizen, gross, patronise, cheat on, cheat, guest, company, bawdy, billy goat.

Usage examples: