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Definition of stagger:

  1. A sudden swing of the body as if the person were about to fall.
  2. To totter; to reel; to walk with a series of abrupt movements while swaying from side to side; to cause to totter; to begin to give way; to cause to hesitate; to shock; to alarm.


spread, parcel out, order, surprise, trip-up, circularize, shell out, diffuse, droop, put back, collate, gait, disseminate, lay out, dole out, stride, shift, pitching, shock, circulate, stay the course, weave, lunge, persist, go on, amaze, broadcast, lot, spin, hand out, distribute, pace, whirl, arrange, deal, rearrange, astound, waver, reschedule, continue, flag, halt, schedule, deal out, keel, prowl, pass on, pass around, carry on, pass out, give out, dispense, fix, strut, postpone, allot, spring a surprise, bungle, pitch, bring forward, reel, dither, muddle, decide, Shake, dumbfound, waddle, get on, astonish, circularise, tilt, put off, thrive, astonish, blunder, fudge, scruple, toddle, stumble, dish out, floor, hesitate, lurch, heap, keep on, waver, disperse, stun, skunk, walk, persevere, press ahead, organize, move, bowl over, layer, follow through, flabbergast, propagate, fumble, administer, spin around, step, careen, dodder, bumble, pause, teeter, flash mob, shilly-shally, gyrate, shuffle, goose step, balance, misstep, excite, stack, pile, swag, sort, mete out, shake up, range, hang back, flounder, sag, trip, boggle, time.

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