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Definition of stand up:

  1. Manfully contested, as a stand- up fight; bystander, one standing near.


jump, come over, hold, off-screen, resist, stomach, faithful, get up, upstanding, look through, standing, ally, delay, digest, pass, interpretive, turn around and do something, rise, remain firm, arise, put up, burst, climb, comic, promote, interpretation, trick up, standardize, work up, survive, last, impersonation, stand, plumb, hold out, prink, mug up, clown, trustworthy, improvisation, artiste, organise, debut, fly, agree with, tog up, come up, guest, shun, machinate, go up, get/leap/rise/stagger etc. to your feet, organize, inflexible, bob up, recitation, place upright, wax, respond, lift, constant, raised, decent, artist, ascend, endure, dress up, develop, move up, spring up, heighten, withstand, resurrect, sustain, recital, maintain, fig out, preserve, align, righteous, burlesque, steadfast, attire, spurn, sit up, act, monologue, regularize, brook, live, grind away, stick up, cram, cast, endorse, back, rebel, live on, brush off, regain your feet, elevate, vertical, drum, deck up, get behind, stay, abide, uprise, devise, bone, prove, comedian, fig up, raise, come back, overdress, erect, upright, pick up on, tog out, hold up, get/be given the cold shoulder, hold water, straighten up, grow, stick out, jog along, fend, loyal, receive, avoid, swot up, evergreen, stalwart, bring up, stiff, sympathize, deck out, fancy up, climb up, abound, suffer, bear, trick out, level, support, respectable, juggling act, blank, pounce, keep your distance, noble, interpretative, stabilize, gussy up, rise up, swot, greet, detain, mount, rear, just, bankable, surface, comedienne, conjurer, turn out, react, prepare, originate, snub, impression, defy, perpendicular, tolerate, principled, diehard, bone up, bristle, speak up for, committed, all-star, ethical, solid, acrobat, rig out, honest, Punch and Judy show, go, true.