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Definition of standard:

  1. Having a fixed and permanent value; not of the dwarf kind, as a tree.
  2. That which is established as a rule, measure, or model; a criterion; a test; that which is of undoubted excellence; a standing tree or stem, as distinguished from a wall- tree; in mil., an ensign; a staff and flag, or colours; in carpentry, an upright support; in shipbuilding, an inverted knee placed upon the deck instead of beneath it; in coinage, the proportion of weight of fine metal and alloy established by authority.


archetypal, advanced, rule, mensuration, banneret, high, classically, example, sample, law, true, oriflamme, ensample, mast, carol, nondescript, regulation, measuring, going, characteristic, measure, standards, chanty, meter, casebook, benchmark, pennant, code, anthem, touchstone, typical, ideal, representative, streamer, alma mater, above, well-worn, common, level, conscience, convention, quantity, prescriptive, criterial, the proprieties, test, workaday, prototypical, measuring stick, popular, beau ideal, cover, regular, calypso, textbook, classical, criterional, canonic, beat, old-hat, Jolly Roger, standard-issue, prosaic, color, garden-variety, precedent, standardized, low, cadence, Mark, baseline, morals, banner, tired, gauge, exacting, hackneyed, normative, essential, quality, definitive, bunting, canonical, hammer and sickle, jack, Blue Peter, classic, ensign, bill, rating, stock, amount, flagpole, step, etiquette, threadbare, unremarkable, metre, measurement, accepted, Christmas carol, pennon, chorale, warning, exemplification, acceptable, basic, ethics, shopworn, par, criterion, checkered flag, mirror, substitute, flag, quality assurance, received, trite, aria, measuring rod, cut-and-dried, modular, standardised, unexceptional, monetary standard, bar, type, banderole, authoritative, ballad, good, timeworn.

Usage examples: