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Definition of star:

  1. One of the many twinkling luminous bodies seen in the firmament on a clear night; any luminous body, particularly when it appears in the sky; an ornamental figure rayed like a star, as a badge of knighthood; a person or thing unusually attractive or brilliant; a mark of reference, also called an asterisk; in the plu., a configuration of the planets as supposed to affect destiny.
  2. To adorn or stud with stars; to bespangle; in familiar language, to appear as an actor in a provincial theatre among inferior players.


spark advance, comedienne, adept, totem, order up, play, wind, lead, Britannia, celebrated, cross, major, antimatter, asteroid, lead-in, comedian, plot, brilliance, full board, character actor, principal sum, prima, distinguished, sleb, stamp, equilateral triangle, actress, portray, celebrity, dealer, the Big Dipper, school principal, body armor, cube, sense, mark, act, constellation, whizz, sense impression, saint, aesthesis, heptagon, noble, bed and breakfast, cast, thaumaturgist, underscore, angiotensin converting enzyme, ideal, lead story, enact, Capricorn, dear, VIP, lede, starry, leash, sense datum, chart, booster cable, blouse, skull and crossbones, corpus, understudy, heart-throb, hint, noteworthy, unity, necromancer, signal, Cancer, favorite, superstar, thaumaturge, jumper lead, famed, cuboid, breastplate, noted, player, check, paladin, friend, astral, personality, jumper cable, the gold standard, Gemini, mastermind, perfection, comic, room and board, savior, diamond, white flag, atomic number 82, board, redoubtable, celestial object, the glitterati, cluster, queen, visible, admirer, costar, scribble, icon, swastika, notable, service mark, the last word, room service, ham, mavin, body double, double for, asterisk, highlight, comet, one, the Top Ten, treasure, ad-lib, starring, star topology, battledress, leading lady, dress uniform, pencil lead, fighter, single, artist, brain, prestigious, king, esthesis, supporter, renowned, trail, hospitality tray, steer, prominent, Aquarius, double, black hole, astrological, combat, dark matter, astrologer, performing arts, ensign, headliner, signet, big-name, chevron, protagonist, artiste, minibar, flagship, sentiency, Aries, angel, well-known, public figure, go-to guy, booster, the best, illustrious, hotel, tether, overact, notorious, cross out, bearskin, preeminent, bright, housekeeping, sensory faculty, hotshot, underline, outstanding, track, fractal, actor, ace, acrobat, maven, head teacher, brainiac, optimum, sorcerer, confidential information, wiz, luminous, stellar, wizardry, hexagon, conjurer, astrology, Samaritan, tip, clown, fairy godmother, sentience, flair, camouflage, living legend, sense experience, hero, title-holder, mensch, cosmic dust.

Usage examples: