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Definition of starch:

  1. A white farinaceous matter obtained from grain, potatoes, and other vegetable substances, used in the form of a jelly for stiffening articles of dress, & c.
  2. To stiffen with starch.


zing, gusto, dolly, go, detergent, action, hardihood, additive, pep, vigorousness, colouring, tired, ascorbic acid, butterfat, vim, dash, clothes basket, coat hanger, albumin, esprit, fabric softener, clothespin, brio, sap, oomph, clothes hoist, curd, get-up-and-go, formality, ginger, clothesline, punch, beans, clotheshorse, vigor, sugar, aspartame, verve, caffeine, amylum, carbohydrate, coloring, clothes hanger, bounce, vinegar, life, juice, vim and vigor, moxie, vitality, gas, dynamism, zip, snap, drive, ceremony.

Usage examples: