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Definition of statement:

  1. The act of representing verbally or in writing; the recital of the circumstances attendant on a transaction.


affidavit, breath test, bank, receipt, phrasing, voice, bank statement, comment, remark, dictation, accusation, apprehend, articulation, saying, expression, direction, balance, rehearsal, bid, correspondence, tale, line, bank rate, logical argument, narration, affirm, word, APR, audit, charge, transmission, command, balance sheet, apology, vocalization, protestation, claim, parameter, bank draft, apprehension, bust, banking, mastery, disceptation, arrest, controversy, educational activity, borrower, argument, averment, program line, arguing, body search, line of reasoning, debate, interaction, cross-fertilization, education, words, formulation, profession, pay, disputation, verbalization, contestation, self-expression, financial statement, teaching, wording, verbalism, allegation, control, argumentation, affirmation, reckoning, tab, avouchment, BIPS, tilt, breathalyze, utterance, relation, bidding, contact, version, liaison, instruction, discourse, asseveration, bounty hunter, apologia, literary argument, story, pedagogy, assertion, didactics.

Usage examples: