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Definition of stave:

  1. A metrical portion; the five parallel lines, and the four contained spaces, on and within which musical notes are written; a verse, or so much of the psalm as is given out at once by the precentor, to be repeated by the congregation.
  2. A pole of some length; one of the bars of which a cask is made up.
  3. To break a hole in; to burst; to furnish with staves.


rundle, faculty, arr., log, clef, one shot, rod, turn, daily round, beat, bout, rung, unit of ammunition, batten, spoke, round of drinks, adagio, allegro, beam, cycle, meanwhile, bar, chipboard, con brio, retardation, round, lag, troll, staff, stick, support, round of golf, bar line, machine, rhythm, con amore, stave in, interim, yoke, board, bass clef, andante, circle, cane, wood pulp, slowdown, walking stick, meantime, duckboards.

Usage examples: