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Definition of stay:

  1. Continuance or abode in a place; a prop or support; in engin., a part in tension to hold parts together.
  2. In a ship, a strong rope extended from the head of a mast down to some part of the vessel in order to give it support- the stays of a ship are distinguished by different names.
  3. To delay; to obstruct; to keep from departure; to repress; to remain or continue in a place; to wait; to forbear to act; to stop; to stand still; to rely; to prop or hold up.


pause, abide, live, bridle, breast pocket, occlusive, amaze, incumbrance, hinderance, remain, confirmation, bib, remain, arm, preserve, watch, bear on, vex, tick, placate, hang on, beat, detain, anticipate, stand by, take a breather, flummox, duty tour, interference, rest, substantiation, postpone, jog along, last out, bewilder, stay put, keep on, dwell, preventative, lie, stopover, breast, stall, pacify, support, cheque, standardize, die hard, nonplus, put off, preventive, adhere, defer, frequent, gruntle, plosive consonant, bide, extend, hold off, armhole, digest, wait, term of enlistment, chit, stop, limp, conciliate, support, populate, repose, surcease, delay, hold on, tarry, check-out procedure, arrive, stave off, balk, visit, check mark, mystify, retard, waive, breathe, adjourn, halt, linger, bodice, cling, get, come from, ride out, hold fast, rest, run, stomach, stabilize, maintain, quench, hobble, full point, level, shelve, checkout, outride, lenify, cover, puzzle, do, coattails, stick out, hold up, bear, place, withstand, hang in, pose, bear up, tolerate, keep from, confront, catch one's breath, enlistment, deposit, resort, propitiate, point, delay, confine, perplex, truss, persist in, appease, perch, stick, suffer, tour, expect, plosive, keep, assay, stop consonant, obstruct, baulk, collar, layover, period, continue, go along, brook, taking into custody, stick to, chip, put up, prop, buttonhole, bank check, cleave, hold out, squelch, diaphragm, pinch, uphold, stupefy, sting, visit, sojourn, carry on, stick by, dumbfound, gentle, full stop, retain, tab, apprehension, board, table, bolster, check, persist, occlusion, abide, assuage, stay behind, hang-up, go forward, stick about, verification, gravel, await, wedge, belay, pillow, stand, go on, tour of duty, regularize, hinder, mollify, proceed, stay on, live, plosive speech sound, cohere, quell, prop, arrest, care label, rub, hitch, stick around, stoppage.

Usage examples:

  • You will have to stay at home, I guess."

    - "Winning His Way", Charles Carleton Coffin.
  • How long shall you stay?

    - "The Guests Of Hercules", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.
  • I can't stay here with you.

    - "The Project Gutenberg Plays of John Galsworthy, Complete", John Galsworthy.