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Definition of steady:

  1. Not tottering or shaking; constant in mind or purpose; not fickle or changeable; regular; not fluctuating; uniform.
  2. To keep from tottering or falling; to make firm or steady; to support.


tried-and-true, watertight, continue, plastered, practical, unfaltering, languid, smasher, soused, constant, stunner, measured, crocked, don't you dare, cool off, love, grab, you can't be too careful, bottom out, bulletproof, unfluctuating, lazy, watch it, quiet, calculable, true-blue, pixilated, capping, go together, grip, pious, trustworthy, trusty, untouched, sure, beware, safe, mature, beauty, peach, ineffectual, bargain, tranquillize, periodical, rational, look out, grasp, knockout, regular, squiffy, bounce back, slow, cheapen, cap, unassailable, clear-headed, cockeyed, surefooted, frequent, rock-steady, if I were you, leisurely, fuddled, calm, buckram, negation, pie-eyed, extended, smashed, long-term, unshakable, brace, veritable, significant other, invariant, beat down, unmoving, sensible, hold on, go with, cradle, lover, stationary, squeeze, mantrap, stimulate, strong, level, purpose, lulu, becalm, even, immobile, unmovable, down-the-line, unswerving, enduring, a steady boyfriend/girlfriend, loaded, too many cooks (spoil the broth), steadied, blotto, hang on, perk up, simmer down, devout, tranquilize, end in tears, poise, slopped, grounded, pissed, sedate, carry, clutch, steadily, date, unbendable, steady-going, rigid, starchy, dependable, blind drunk, truehearted, court, taut, tense, unwavering, move, on and on, look before you leap, keep hold of something, stabilise, wet, responsible, arouse, stabilize, still, besotted, unconstipated, secure, looker, quieten, might (just) as well, stiff, invariable, unexcitable, fixed, energize, the man/woman in your life, never-ending, unaffected, resolute, sloshed, prolonged, ravisher, sozzled, climb, tried, tranquillise, truelove, it's a good idea to do something, soaked, cool it, fastened, calm down, sweetheart, realistic, firm, appraise, immune, stately, lull, good, potent, chill out, hold tight, dish, unvarying, sweetie, changeless, long, logical, old flame, settle down, trustable, unaltered, for some time, fast, stable, steadfast, be courted, pragmatic, footsure, energise.

Usage examples: