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Definition of steal:

  1. To take or carry away the property of another unlawfully; to pilfer; to gain or win by gradual and imperceptible means; to slip away unperceived.


withdraw, give, slew, slip, fly, distinguish, purloin, dislocate, drop off, furrow, bric-a-brac, err, knickknack, slink, discriminate, nicknack, detach, separate, come over, baulk, grow, luxate, take away, slide, grip, fixer upper, balk, Rob, help yourself to something, ball boy, glide, move, snitch, pulse, prowl, bunt, pennyworth, clear, creep, drop away, slip one's mind, surge, cross, thieve, ball, gumshoe, bat, catch, pinch, bargain, skulk, sweep over, fall away, heighten, remove, rip off, ground out, baseball, express, cheapie, crease, run, base, lurk, color, baseline, batboy, foul, ball girl, ballpark, buy, gleam, eliminate, double, tat, mouse, snip, at bat, mistake, hit, snake, pad, slue, snatch, walk off with, hook, skid, falter, deal, pussyfoot, patter, flash, distract, appropriate, engulf, run away with, divert, schlock, sneak, crumple, splay, knockoff.

Usage examples: