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Definition of steam:

  1. The vapour of water produced by heating it to the boiling- point; the vapour of water employed as a motive power.
  2. To apply steam to; to expose to steam; to give off vapour.


charbroil, cordless, boil, get-up-and-go, fume, peppiness, rankle, barbecue, dart, biomass, press, biogas, beam, give off, cumulonimbus, clever, gas, issue from, cumulus, zip, walk on, gallop, clean, auxiliary, hot, built, send out, seethe, capacity, storm, pass, balmy, automatic, baste, speed, cloud, cloudy, give out, fumes, rage, braise, forge ahead, clockwork, hasten, mild, tropical, automatically, scorching, progress, carry on, be quick on your feet, coal-fired, red-hot, outpace, sizzle, fog, flow, vapor, burn, generate, spill, animation, pep, stream, cirrocumulus, go, fly, bake, race, cirrus, cirrostratus, broken, billow, action, bank, energy, boil down, biofuel, fuel, steamer, foam, broil, brown, steam clean, head, burning, emit, analog, sprightliness, fossil fuel, column, warm, discharge, boiling, move, scalding, surge.

Usage examples: