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Definition of steamed:

  1. aroused to impatience or anger; " made an irritated gesture"; " feeling nettled from the constant teasing"; " peeved about being left out"; " felt really pissed at her snootiness"; " riled no end by his lies"; " roiled by the delay"


roiling, crocked, stiff, seething, wet, loaded, roiled, smashed, cockeyed, besotted, blind drunk, peeved, soaked, incandescent, slopped, pixilated, soused, sozzled, riled, churning, harried, tight, irate, furious, pestered, nettled, miffed, sloshed, pissed, annoyed, stung, plastered, turbulent, steaming, pie-eyed, apoplectic, pissed off, fuddled, irritated, incensed, vexed, squiffy, blotto, infuriated, displeased, roily, cooked, harassed, murderous.

Usage examples: