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Definition of steaming:

  1. Giving forth steam; being propelled by steam; rising in the form of steam.


livid, infuriated, murderous, turned on, fuming, irate, steamy, muggy, inflamed, ireful, aroused, just out of the oven, randy, tropical, burning, balmy, cooking, steamed up, rankled, angered, teed off, indignant, steamed, scalding, ballistic, wrathful, cheesed off, riley, scorching, incandescent, incensed, boiling, wroth, infuriate, outraged, mild, horn-mad, sore, roiled, red-hot, warm, apoplectic, choleric, seething, rabid, hopping, piping, shirty, ruttish, furious, horny, hot, ticked, foaming, sticky, wet, riled, mad, enraged.

Usage examples: