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Definition of steel:

  1. Iron refined and combined with carbon, used in making edge- tools, & c.; weapons made of steel, as swords; an instr. used by butchers and others for sharpening their knives.
  2. To point or overlay with steel; to make very hard; to make insensible or obdurate.


aluminum, box end wrench, firebrand, cast iron, chromium, iron, blowlamp, aviation, brazen, microelectronics, barium, whetstone, stain, make, leaded, platinum, blade, blowtorch, brace, perfumery, metal, ready, adjustable wrench, the rag trade, coal mining, nerve, aluminium, show business, bit, awl, trade name, strengthen, meat-packing, sword, mark, ferrous, applicator, marque, leaf blade, shipbuilding, Allen wrench, the movies, brand, leaden, bauxite, cadmium, golden, bellows, vane, stigma, brand name, fortify, forearm, bradawl, gold, gird, prepared.

Usage examples: