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Definition of steep:

  1. A hill, mountain, or rock having a great inclination or slope.
  2. Ascending or descending with a great inclination or slope; precipitous.
  3. The liquid in which a thing may be soaked; that which is soaked in a liquid.
  4. To soak in a liquid; to imbue.


sop up, exalted, sharp, draw, engross, pitch, graded, all-inclusive, big, rise, steepish, horrid, highland, bold, hideous, heavy, overweening, surge, craggy, stiff, proud, extreme, usurious, fall, insane, incline, lavish, eminent, eat up, diagonal, explosion, gradual, towering, immerse, rolling, stratospheric, overdue, study at abrupt, suck up, gently, bury, uplifted, sky-high, mountainous, overmuch, upswing, growth, dive, gentle, precipitous, absorb, fancy, good, ingest, lofty, precipitous, dump, extra, spurt, slant, assimilate, plunk, occupy, tilt, engage, sheer, unmerciful, take up, abrupt, all-in, wipe up, saturate, wet, dip, dunk, plethoric, noble, squirt, soak, exorbitant, inclination, inculcate, bluff, usual, high, soak up, swallow up, tall, high, intolerable, hilly, sheer, sharp, take over, impregnate, moisten, devilish, infuse, inclusive, extravagant, conscienceless, discounted, chargeable, engulf, leap, suck, overextravagant, imbibe, instill, souse, douse, basic, undue, launch, upsurge, unconscionable, wring, abrupt, baroque, dampen, slope, jump, hose, half-price, rake, outrageous, horizontal, plunge, take in, perpendicular, dry, swallow, tincture, increase, extortionate, inordinate, immoderate, elevated, alpine, horrific.

Usage examples: