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Definition of steer:

  1. A young castrated male of the ox kind.
  2. To direct; to guide; to direct and govern the course of a ship by the helm; to be directed and governed; to pursue a course.


spark advance, bakshis, feeder, trail, speck, usher, backsheesh, buck, malarkey, target, send, buckle up, clue, lead-in, touch, knowledge, walk, crown, block in, tether, jockey, booster cable, soupcon, boar, twist, leading, channelize, signal, place, shepherd, pencil lead, pointer, repoint, box in, ox, transfer, trace, leash, lead, mite, conduct, dog, wind, suggestion, bypass, route, bull, channel, lede, boy, conn, jot, track, organize, gratuity, take aim, wind instrument, draw, address, star, indicate, guide on, charge, carry, current of air, maneuver, over, come, car-pool, transmit, idle words, nothingness, breaking wind, confidential information, manoeuver, train, operate, air current, haul off, organise, principal, tip-off, engineer, pinch, calculate, head, carry on, run, luff, pourboire, transport, taper, lead story, carve up, navigate, look after, intimation, cow, betoken, guide, peak, head up, level, watch over, drive, baksheesh, winding, tinge, malarky, pass, show, move, channelise, billy goat, bullock, bespeak, hint, take, breath, escort, bakshish, cock, cockerel, sharpen, flatus, orient, orchestrate, marshal, bring, top, tip, jazz, cattle, bus, deliver, fart, mastermind, jumper lead, direct, farting, manoeuvre, summit, back up, point, crest, atomic number 82, alpha male, jumper cable, designate, helm, change down.

Usage examples: