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Definition of stem:

  1. The body of a tree or plant from which the branches or offshoots grow; the stalk; the stock of a family; race; progeny; in music, the line joined to the body of a note.
  2. The strong curved timber to which the two sides of a ship are united in front, the whole having a wedge- like appearance; the prow; from stem to stern, from the front to the back of a ship.
  3. To put a stop to; to resist; to make progress against, as a current.


radix, pedice, composition, shuck, hold, affix, compound, still hunt, rootage, understructure, base of operations, bulb, stalking, cigarette, beanstalk, obeisance, stanch, appropriacy, idea, home, stamp out, snifter, curtain call, al-Qa'ida, foundation, determine, apposition, derivative, solution, mug, ancestor, control, cup, infrastructure, squeeze out, restrict, bong, kill off, al-Qaida, beaker, regulate, stubble, curb, root, hold back, butt, bract, melodic theme, loving cup, foot, arrest, etymon, prow, ascendant, fundament, straw, aerial root, anaphora, bowing, groundwork, theme, keep down, ascendent, basis, chaff, staunch, nucleotide, flute, words, blade, waist, etymon, componential analysis, halt, free radical, arc, cannon, blend, anther, subject, musical theme, block, cigarette paper, cure, ciggy, stem turn, petiole, cornerstone, chalice, briar, schooner, substructure, bag, stalk, cut into, suppress, motif, bur, interfere with, alkali, stand, kibosh, fag, shut off, chew, paper, topic, contain, cheroot, confine, root word, radical, pedestal, glass, bow, base, angry walk, fore, shank, antecedent, boll, goblet, chemical group, bowknot, canonical form, floor, group, kill, stop, al-Qaeda, report, tooth root, cigar, limit, husk.

Usage examples: