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Definition of step:

  1. At Eton College, England, a shallow step dividing the court into an inner and an outer portion.


rate, alike, phase, choreographer, thing, adagio, circuit training, mistreat, aerobics, big, lowlights, similar to, graduation, ill-treat, tincture, choreograph, hiccup, stair, operation, footmark, way, clapperclaw, course, stroll, dumbwaiter, point, rung, dance step, bodybuilding, bar line, routeway, hairsbreadth, stone's throw, tonicity, pure tone, trample, spirit, saunter, track, piece, hike, steps, handrail, metre, hum, rest, expedient, landing, carry, shouting distance, musical note, choreographic, tempo, pace, beat, goose step, tone of voice, aquarobics, gurgle, shade, calisthenics, activity, feeling, amble, amount, means, ill-use, hairline, smell, low point, pervert, bend, episode, bass clef, continue, shuffle, measuring stick, stagger, pad, instalment, drop, the burn, and jump, depth, dance, action, reach, strut, chapter, shift, neck, stride, feel, move, banister, similarly, demonstration, shout, maneuver, choreography, maltreat, whole tone, look, flavour, bannister, footfall, abuse, whole step, hop, bill, vestige, start, mensuration, act, wander, timbre, footstep, tread, babel, con brio, gradation, procedure, measure, footwork, note, the middle, limp, measuring rod, impression, gargle, gesture, con amore, ladder, print, cadence, tone, escalator, flavor, measuring, cut, ace, allegro, bar, run, retire, andante, venture, radius, kick, coinciding with, tactic, standard, call, walk, pathway, juncture, clef, babble, hairbreadth, skip, deed, route, flight, arr., stray, trek, aerobic, gabble, tonus, timber, climb, peg, gait, tint, round, touchstone, chin-up, blackguard, footprint, elevator, boxercise, fire escape, measurement, imprint, trail, installment, quantity, call it quits, misuse, trace.

Usage examples: