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Definition of step up:

  1. Transforming or converting a low- pressure current into one of high pressure; as, a step- up transformer.


gain, out, redouble, bug out, multiply, add to, deepen, enhance, come out of the closet, heighten, break through, uptick, appear, go over, amp, start, step to the fore, magnify, growth, bulge, expansion, plus, rev up, go forth, approach, strengthen, make for, emerge, near, accrual, pop, show up, increase, consolidate, supplement, proliferation, turn out, come out, come forward, push through, creep up on, beef, turn up, compound, pop out, more, addendum, bear down, amplify, escalate, surface, go up, step, come to the fore, come on, bulge out, come forth, addition, rev, place, issue, make toward, rise, boost, gain on, protrude, advance, accentuate, intensify, soar, step forward, accretion, augmentation, erupt, come in, go through the roof, egress, double, come up, improve, raise, fall out, increment.