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Definition of stereotype:

  1. A metal plate of the size of a page cast from a mould, which represents in every particular the form of movable types as set up by the compositor.
  2. Done from fixed types.
  3. To print from metal plates cast from the original movable types; to cast fixed metal plates from the forms of movable types.


instance, ideal, notion, reckon, hold, incline, banality, stomp, custom, prototype, bromide, archetype, philosophy, stump, case, pigeonhole, conventional notion, template, stamp, surprise, principle, say, generality, model, institution, fashion, faith, example, believe in, emboss, consider, think, truism, platitude, know best, theory, adhere to, thought, boss, idea, concept, belief, have a mind of your own, the personification of something, conception, commitment.

Usage examples: