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Definition of sterile:

  1. Barren; unfruitful; unproductive; barren of ideas.


tedious, compost, fertilization, worthless, fertile, sanitized, desolate, be firing/shooting blanks, unfertile, mind-numbing, germfree, uninteresting, matter-of-fact, drab, rich, prosaic, pedestrian, stereotypic, empty, stalemated, fertilise, excite, unexciting, infertile, fertiliser, unoriginal, bleak, desertification, septic, productive, debating, shallow, fertilize, round-table, flat, earthbound, stupid, stereotypical, uninspiring, stereotyped, gaunt, useless, feed, lusterless, uninspired, infertility, stale, fruitful, lively, lifeless, uninventive, antiseptic, dreary, flavorless, arid, impotent, waste, aseptic, dry, barren, uncreative, on everyone's lips, fruitless, unimaginative, colorless, sterilized, stodgy, dull, fruitless, trivial, dirty, profitless, boring, fertility, desert, lackluster, humdrum, spiritless, heated, under negotiation.

Usage examples: