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Definition of stew:

  1. A prostitute.


incubate, rummage, bawdy house, effort, sporting house, hurricane, gumbo, uproar, gallimaufry, clutter, hurry-scurry, flutter, hurly-burly, pastiche, to-do, brood, jungle, brothel, crazy quilt, motley, ruction, bother, shuffle, hubble-bubble, bobbery, cathouse, fret, whirl, yawp, farrago, hatch, variety, worry, mélange, montage, olla, collage, upset, salmagundi, corroboree, agglomerate, scramble, hurly, cottage pie, fuss, olla-podrida, alphabet soup, chili con carne, row, ballyhoo, ado, sulk, travail, Hungarian goulash, botch, pandemonium, hoo-ha, veal stew, disorderly house, twitter, tizzy, ragbag, hotchpotch, swivet, menagerie, egg, sudor, alarums and excursions, welter, boil down, disturbance, foofaraw, whorehouse, furor, jumble, rumpus, mope, agitation, bulk large, bouillabaisse, loom, storm, whine, hodgepodge, pother, do, tumult, ruckus, exertion, dwell, concern, williwaw, cover, baste, hover, sweat, mishmash, grizzle, clatter, brown, food, yammer, hoopla, moil, muddle, matelote, furore, helter-skelter, patchwork, splore, chicken-fried steak, perspiration, pout, tumble, litter, blather, fun, turmoil, mutton stew, macédoine, shindy, key pattern, smorgasbord, cark, fluster, perturbation, squall, stroganoff, swither, elbow grease, suds, miscellanea, ingestion, dumpling, zoo, dither, agglomeration, stir, bagnio, patchwork quilt, bustle, grudge, coil, meat pie, mixed bag, worn spot, beef stew, charbroil, slumgullion, hubbub, crepe, hullabaloo, kerfuffle, bluster, olio, croquette, hash, hurry, lather, lamb stew, couscous, soapsuds, cutlet, grab bag, calm, steak-and-kidney pie, huff.

Usage examples: