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Definition of stick:

  1. To work diligently, as one who pegs shoes; - usually with on, at, or away; as, to peg away at a task.


grow, work over, last out, constipate, come, make, file, obtain, joint, rest, bilk, regulate, let, cane, outfox, shake up, astonish, irritate, put, remain, produce, nark, fetch, cane, impersonate, slab, bemuse, baffle, stick to, persist, hold fast, cohere, aim, incur, chafe, truncheon, stay put, stand by, billet, commove, tick, stock, squeeze, leg, suffer, personate, pound, convey, take, beat, pin tumbler, disturb, drum, experience, contract, prick, truss, pose, draw together, cue, rule, outride, puzzle, rive, cause, mystify, linger, engender, thump, mast, continue, beat up, buzz off, pay back, nettle, appease, posture, stick by, bunk, bank, pivot, walking stick, trounce, stun, get, bloom, bandage, lodge, wash up, position, stimulate, ruler, begin, foil, arrest, get under one's skin, have, twig, start, obligate, overreach, astound, get to, bewilder, pin, bring together, stick around, bite, roast, pay off, vex, quiver, shell, beat out, crush, reefer, perplex, cling, control stick, nonplus, raise up, outwit, flummox, spliff, stick with, burn, gravel, annoy, go, articulatio, stay on, spar, spoil, stir up, scramble, mother, club, stay, split, cudgel, abide, joystick, junction, get at, adhere, marijuana cigarette, devil, beget, bludgeon, outsmart, thing, follow, ferrule, bring, machine, ride out, circumvent, agitate, wand, detain, set about, model, bowling pin, shillelagh, frustrate, hang, quell, twinge, wait, posit, cleave, arrive, discombobulate, sustain, delay, start out, ticktock, accommodate, matchstick, rowlock, drumstick, father, exhaust, bide, sting, sit, worry, timber, tucker, besot, rag, stick about, joist, become, place, tucker out, tholepin, walking stick, receive, wedge, pegleg, branch, commence, hold, stave, bring forth, oarlock, drive, put forward, birch, get down, force, bat, wooden leg, juncture, tarry, scotch, flag, cross, complicate, articulation, induce, develop, situate, tie up, present, baton, stave, deposit, thwart, oblige, bugger off, lay, amaze, fall, ticktack, nog, throw, tie down, acquire, thole, sire, charge, generate, rile, catch, fix, thrum, draw, set out, flap, vanquish, tie, peg, set, find, stupefy, capture, dumbfound, scram, pulsate, bother.

Usage examples: