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Definition of sticky:

  1. Having the quality of adhering to a surface; gluey.
  2. See stick.


sugarcoated, chocolate-box, touchy, multiuser, drippy, schmaltzy, sensitive, ruled, damaging, tropical, unsafe, sticking, caramelized, spiny, squared, ungainly, chilled, boiling, always-on, thorny, problematic, hairy, delicate, pastelike, nasty, scratch-and-sniff, cumbersome, saccharine, cloying, sappy, prickly, sloppy, catchy, horny, awkward, inapt, navigable, cohesive, downloadable, clumsy, scalding, viscid, maudlin, randy, chewy, sugary, lined, wet, mortifying, online, injurious, hot, unenviable, calorific, ill-chosen, offline, scorching, hard, risky, fruity, hazardous, perilous, mawkish, dangerous, slushy, balmy, steamy, sultry, dodgy, glutinous, harmful, blank, above-the-fold, gummed, humid, bunglesome, red-hot, tricksy, mucilaginous, lovey-dovey, mild, adherent, turned on, clean, muggy, syrupy, aroused, steaming, saturated, ill at ease, below-the-fold, bedraggled, self-adhesive, damp, tricky, clingy, gummy, soaked, sentimental, easy, ticklish, disastrous, gooey, tight, ruinous, click-and-mortar, soaking, dry, keep, knotty, novelettish, soggy, spoony, crisp, rough, cream, pasty, crispy, burning, difficult, gluey, mushy, drenched, tenacious, manila, warm, stick-on, tough, cyber-, adhesive, cool, moist, ruttish, inept, viscous, soppy, uneasy, embarrassing.

Usage examples: