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Definition of stifle:

  1. To stop the breath; to suffocate; to choke; to smother; to suppress; to hinder from spreading, as a report.


perish, strangle, censor, articulatio genus, inhale, choke off, keep down, clog up, wash, restraint, sigh, weaken, master, gulp, pop off, show, knee joint, genu, fret, burke, squelch, tone down, squeeze out, kick the bucket, exit, quash, quench, hold down, dampen, submerge, sit on, stamp out, smother, increase, die, manage, shut off, sink, congest, cash in one's chips, reduce, drop dead, bother, soften, buy the farm, blow, cut into, trouble, subjugate, foul, give-up the ghost, strangulate, suffocate, hold in, puff, asphyxiate, croak, conceal, breathe, moisten, deaden, deal with, pound, scrag, pass away, decease, hush, fight for breath, bottle up, catch your breath, hold back, break, snuff it, pocket, surround, torment, human knee, halter, back up, black out, knee, conk, choke, repress, interfere with, mute, subdue, extinguish, kill, suffer, expire, put out, dull, damp, pass, clog, swallow, ban, gasp, cramp, kill off, breath, muffle, suppress, hurt, ache, keep back, go, gag.

Usage examples: