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Definition of stilt:

  1. A pole of wood with a support or shoulder to raise the foot above the ground in walking, used in pairs.
  2. To raise as on stilts; to raise by unnatural means.


mint, raft, great deal, big bucks, cap, spate, buttress, clay, hatful, stanchion, wad, down, dollhouse, building block, quite a little, beanbag, pile, flock, framework, support, batch, passel, atomic pile, frame, good deal, longlegs, mass, muckle, nap, foundation, pot, peck, stack, bundle, plenty, big money, Himantopus Stilt, prop, long-legs, tidy sum, stilt plover, stiltbird, post, balloon, voltaic pile, Australian Stilt, megabucks, scaffold, mickle, heap, slew, cumulation, cumulus, brace, doll's house, lot, catapult, piling, atomic reactor, spile, rafter, mess, sight, agglomerate, bung, mound, gantry, joist, mountain, galvanic pile, action figure, construction paper, chain reactor, deal.

Usage examples: