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Definition of stimulate:

  1. Stimulation.


ginger, micturate, charge up, ingest, puddle, father, jump-start, poise, arrive, constitute, rush along, stabilise, bring forth, amp, wee-wee, stupefy, bring up, ready, go, conjure up, crap, attract, take a leak, call down, have got, fetch, acquire, begin, arrest, excite, kick up, awake, pose, fillip, earn, fire someone with enthusiasm, bewilder, hasten, elicit, clear, hit, raise up, contract, engender, find, buzz off, dumbfound, jazz, kindle, bear, hie, generate, belt along, expedite, receive, vitalize, hotfoot, construct, culture medium, pass water, catch, raise, realise, set out, harry, perk, seduce, pay back, fix, percolate, chivvy, harass, hurry, chivy, beget, cause, plague, stir up, cell membrane, speed, possess, vivify, bump around, ca-ca, shake, bucket along, get down, grow, progress to, get, make water, scram, interest, convey, spend a penny, steady, birth, perplex, do, stick, race, mother, pelt along, come, come alive, enkindle, nonplus, give, piss, lay down, pull in, zip, rev, build, plump up, make, escape from, perk up, make believe, realize, stool, develop, reorganize, cell, chloroplast, spur, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, festinate, pee, aim, hassle, obtain, suffer, help, commence, amaze, set off, defecate, liven, bring in, get under one's skin, dazzle, waken, arrive at, take in, shake off, flummox, sway, invent, create, capture, inaugurate, wake up, energise, vex, wake, jar, take, evoke, pretend, shit, experience, make up, put forward, reach, pay off, bugger off, bring, urinate, touch off, set about, wind up, pick up, stabilize, shake up, chevvy, fluff up, study at animate, catalyze, throw off, piddle, juice up, cellular, provoke, nominate, work, commove, form, shift, call forth, induce, culture, cell wall, budge, pique, have, become, score, judder, take a crap, arouse, pep, enthuse, deliver, beset, get to, feature, egg on, accept, prick, energize, wee, cytology, succuss, rouse, intrigue, consume, produce, work up, rush, bring about, awaken, establish, let, rock, brace, gain vigor, invoke, spike, attain, look sharp, reorganise, turn on, charge, sustain, mystify, sex, start, beat, hold, own, didder, prepare, give birth, touch, baffle, molest, stir, take a shit, step on it, incur, start out, relieve oneself, chevy, start off, sire, puzzle, draw, spur, quicken, conjure, induct, gain, pee-pee, name, -celled, bring on, gravel, cook, cannonball along.

Usage examples: