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Definition of sting:

  1. To stimulate.


cleave, APB, trim, confidence trick, bind, flummox, ignite, stinging, stick to, twinge, bother, prickle, bounce back, nonplus, incinerate, stand by, misty-eyed, collation, squeeze, lodge, pound, pinch, goad, bond, hold fast, raciness, help, pungency, madden, burn, all-points bulletin, shell game, diddle, vex, clue, infuriate, stir, prick, wedge, bottom out, bilk, misty, provoke, cauterise, flimflam, cap, blossom, stay, fade, gyp, affect, clean up, shoot, adhere, capping, bargain, morsel, trouble, tingle, combust, hatch, con game, bloom, honest, annoy, flutter, amaze, fiddle, Bunco Game, burn up, beat down, gull, cock up, mystify, touch, invoke, drive someone mad, teardrop, rouse, choke, baffle, flurry, stay put, dumbfound, cozen, have, get, bustle, seize with teeth, tearful, snack, sharpness, bring tears to your eyes, yard bird, climb, arouse, agent provocateur, kill, come out, hustle, clampdown, fly, chisel, deposit, fuss, ado, glow, twitch, bunko, insect bite, crawl, puzzle, pang, bud, stupefy, weeping, cheat, con, convict, cut, do, cauterize, die back, stick by, chomp, check, bite, confidence game, defraud, Amber alert, cry, gravel, swindle, infest, take, cling, burn off, frustrate, beat, alight, anger, mulct, eina, fire, bunko game, appraise, weepy, rook, neuralgia, perplex, awaken, yardbird, stick, antagonize, scam, victimize, checkpoint, bunco, inmate, cheapen, inspire, sunburn, come up, tweet, infestation, pose, cohere, bit, hover, stick around, tear, stifle, bear, bewilder, burn down, chirp, prick up, dry your eyes.

Usage examples: