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Definition of stir:

  1. To put into motion; to agitate; to incite; to rouse; to stimulate; to move one's self; to become the object of notice.
  2. Tumult; bustle; public disturbance or disorder; agitation.


paint a picture, charge, energize, drive a wedge between, con game, sting, fuss, live, turn on, rag, drift, ingenerate, ado, concern, impel, bow, hubbub, elevate, brew, intrigue, recruit, impulse, blend, draw out, wind up, open up, inspire, color, bawl out, clutter, plash, brewer, instigate, combine, charge up, flurry, lead to, freshen, ignite, compel, chide, wake up, kerfuffle, fire someone with enthusiasm, awake, induce, stimulate, rival, effect, commove, flap, bear on, stick around, confidence game, incite, fly, persuade, lambaste, leaven, prove, microbrewery, incendiary, rage, bunko game, tinct, conspire, merge, excite, shift, divide, lift, machinate, moil, cord, current, burrow, call on the carpet, come between, shake, change, lambast, draw, Raise, conjure up, squall, butter, jaw, pother, invoke, stew, wake, ebb, surge, throw off, assert, elicit, upgrade, set against, grow, foment, dislodge, trigger, boot, bump around, flush, stay, state, motion, rear, bluster, lead, pandemonium, storm, pettifoggery, safety match, mention, farm, come over, meet, stir in, hoo-ha, name, put forward, submit, bunco game, spasm, awareness, squabble, match, come alive, educe, flimflam, head, produce, make, reprimand, bicker, hurry, intermingle, bake, raise up, assemble, set up, helter-skelter, spattering, tiff, tilt, temper, waken, mix up, anger, entreat, twinge, stir up, fuse, change over, clatter, stirring, madden, hurly-burly, alarums and excursions, tinge, get up, antagonize, disturb, remonstrate, kindle, reach, push, bring about, energise, adjoin, reorganize, partake, bend, impact, touch off, touch, spat, dither, shifting, bother, parent, animate, heighten, in, scold, equal, furore, advert, catch, irritate, bestride, dispose, kick up, secure, gyp, blow away, wait, campaign, mix, to-do, hoo-hah, incline, shindy, advance, mash, play both ends (against the middle), enhance, set off, berate, pulse, reproof, rumpus, con, touch on, linger, strain, plump up, generate, dress down, crusade, rush, evoke, hoopla, uproar, mingle, reorganise, windblown, posit, budge, drive someone mad, jigger, cabal, ballyhoo, put up, asperity, fury, stay behind, careen, do, motivate, stand, keep, spatter, perk up, hasten, ruction, complot, snow flurry, rock, kick upstairs, zoo, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, attract, cite, eddy, nurture, succuss, commingle, glide, sway, commotion, splashing, remain, hurly, brewery, adjure, have, bobbery, resurrect, reposition, corroboree, chew up, admix, drive, disturbance, blather, effectuate, balance, mood, lurch, blow off, decide, fagot, disruption, bickering, get, infuriate, bring on, foofaraw, down, bone, sweep over, furor, have-to doe with, pour out, result in, refer, flutter, commix, ruckus, chill, shake off, bring, enkindle, flash, levy, pack a punch, impassion, whirl, lecture, hurricane, hassle, hubble-bubble, pitch, tarry, williwaw, bunko, occasion, promote, beat, fire, blow down, blanch, double over, interest, resentment, nominate, conjure, welter, in the teeth of something, poker, blow over, trounce, spill, tint, give, didder, provoke, fit, confidence trick, skew, chew out, dissolve, butchery, annoy, frustrate, turmoil, have words, rebuke, bid, come to, outrage, dab, row, hurry-scurry, fun, brace, raise, intermix, faggot, wobble, cause, relate, sex, crouch, splatter, urge, butcher, arouse, tear apart, bustle, rouse, call down, amalgamate, draft, enthuse, splattering, affect, bring up, annoyance, shake up, vex, prompt, cower, press, erect, switch, irritation, splash, fight, spurt, allude, appeal, carve, dazzle, coil, extract, take to task, crook, hullabaloo, wake, bear upon, outburst, maelstrom, pertain, reboot, suggest, bunco, call forth, contact, judder, engulf, drip, upraise, splore, extend to, escape from, crane, awaken, beseech, grip, fluff up, matchstick, influence, agitate, hustle, start, tizzy.

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