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Definition of stirring:

  1. Putting in motion; busy and active.
  2. The act of stirring or moving.


hopping, galvanic, abubble, inspiring, intake, hair-raising, exhilarative, kicky, impressive, thriving, humming, intoxicating, breathing in, aspiration, animating, inspiration, moving, flourishing, kinetic, vibrant, happening, charge, charged, affecting, mind-bending, soul-stirring, heart-stopping, inflammable, exhilarating, electrifying, brisk, overwhelming, thrilling, stimulating, astir, poignant, electric, brainchild, abuzz, emotive, divine guidance, punch, rousing, interesting, impactful, inhalation, touching, emotional, buzzing, breathtaking, aboil, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, galvanizing, touch, rip-roaring, cathartic.

Usage examples: