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Definition of stockpile:

Synonyms for stockpile:

persuade, stash, contain, keep, taciturnity, dribble, conduct, have a bun in the oven, express, lay in, expect, impart, assemble, take, gestate, modesty, round up, reservation, backlog, inventory, acquit, comport, reservoir, run, battery, sway, bale, buy up, stock up, cull, reserve, post, deport, buy in, collect, get together, convey, assemblage, assembly, transport, military reserve, reticence, agglomeration, sprout, lay up, pack, stock, carry, nest egg, hold, substitute, channel, give, transmit, assortment, second-stringer, bear, scrape together, squirrel, amass, extend, batch, behave, bevy.

Usage examples: