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Definition of stodgy:

  1. Wet.


narrow, drab, mind-numbing, old, excite, weary, prosaic, aseptic, boring, chewy, close, stick-in-the-mud, heavyset, bloody-minded, dumpy, buttery, lifeless, wearisome, dry, unexciting, stumpy, blocky, dull, unaired, leaden, earthbound, mossy, cool, tiresome, closed, monotonous, caramelized, pedestrian, matter-of-fact, narrow-minded, trivial, tame, solid, crispy, uninspired, dreary, numbing, chilled, unstylish, flavorless, creamy, out of fashion, spiritless, opinionated, arid, gelatinous, thickset, monochromatic, jading, inflexible, cream, calorific, tiring, stale, humdrum, airless, stubborn, ponderous, stuffy, fat, unfashionable, lackluster, thick, jejune, fogyish, conventional, sterile, squat, stocky, stupid, intolerant, colorless, heavy, ho-hum, rigid, dusty, moss-grown, wearying, stubby, crisp, unimaginative, slow, flat, compact, chunky, lusterless, conservative, drudging.

Usage examples: