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Definition of stony:

  1. Made of or resembling stone; abounding in stones; hard; solid; cruel; unrelenting; pitiless.


stonyhearted, thick-skinned, unrelenting, case-hardened, furry, insensate, pachydermatous, unsmooth, armor-plated, gilded, affectless, heartless, icy, rocklike, unfriendly, hostile, indurate, antagonistic, cussed, inhuman, flint, rough, hard-hearted, rocky, take-no-prisoners, soulless, ironhearted, frothy, firm, granitic, cold, foamy, jolting, bouldered, granitelike, hard, bumpy, jumpy, hardhearted, obdurate, flinty, compassionless, unrepentant, cobbled, slash-and-burn, unpleasant, bouldery, gilt, distant, churlish, remorseless, jolty, gift-wrapped, unsparing, gold-plated, desensitized, uncharitable, grass.

Usage examples: