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Definition of stoppage:

  1. Act or state of being stopped; an obstruction; a discontinuance of work; a suspension of payments; a deduction from pay to repay advances, & c.


hang-up, go out on strike, conclusion, balk, check-out procedure, check, plosive, occlusive, law of closure, immobilization, layover, general strike, proscription, injury time, point, full point, engine block, enlistment, first half, 1099, cutoff, closedown, resolution, hinderance, term of enlistment, paralysis, the Boston Tea Party, lapse, bridle, stopover, tie-up, cheque, claw back, occlusion, verification, halftime, arrest, industrial action, duty tour, Chancellor of the Exchequer, tab, pulley, city block, prevention, collar, checkout, shutoff, assay, sabotage, substantiation, halt, rub, closing, stop, incumbrance, freeze, pulley block, expiration, tour, taking into custody, chip, 1040 form, pregame, cylinder block, discontinuation, overtime, gridlock, quarter, confirmation, half, tick, continue, plosive speech sound, diaphragm, gag rule, direct action, stop consonant, arrestment, check mark, limp, closure, auction block, shutdown, blocking, blockage, hitch, cease, stay, preventative, audit, period, curb, full stop, block, come out, interference, cloture, settlement, mental block, collective bargaining, close, gag law, action, tour of duty, preventive, retardation, grievance procedure, surcease, chargeable, chit, extra time, pinch, bank check, cube, occluded front, hobble, offset, go-slow, plosive consonant, apprehension, allowance, discouragement, cut-off, run-in, baulk, finish, cooling-off period, corporate welfare.

Usage examples: