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Definition of storage:

  1. The act of laying up in a store or warehouse; the price paid for the safe- keeping of goods in a store.


assembly, price, magazine, battery, bevy, worth, offer, boathouse, computer memory, cache memory, assortment, armoury, shop, retention, memory, repositing, reposition, outlay, bonded warehouse, CD, agglomeration, CD-ROM, transshipment center, pack rat, bunker, storehouse, assemblage, CDE, fee, cost, terminal, in escrow, buffer, warehousing, retentiveness, computer storage, charge, retentivity, remembering, CD-RW, bill, maintenance, store, memory board, bale, batch, entrepot, expense, terminus, stock, fund, blu-ray, cubbyhole, rate, depot, boot disk, CD-R.

Usage examples: