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Definition of store:

  1. To provide.


set up, block, generalship, stock certificate, point of sale, building, bring/call someone/something to mind, browse, stash away, relive, retain, gunstock, author, breed, monetary fund, bevy, reserve, assemblage, workshop, recollection, bunker, depot, chime in, repositing, investment trust, blood, insert, retentivity, off-the-peg, bale, flashback, farm animal, assembly, recall, retention, burn, descent, set aside, inject, interject, fund, armoury, interpose, boutique, wares, investment company, fort, put in, caudex, storehouse, kiosk, parentage, pedigree, lineage, submit, shop class, mass-produced, do something from memory, stack away, flood, bonded warehouse, ancestry, cut in, commodity, photographic memory, computer memory, call up, base, terminus, batch, agglomeration, lay in, dog tag, bloodline, instal, storage, magazine, stash, hive away, assortment, neckcloth, shop, install, transshipment center, terminal, cubbyhole, nostalgia, parlour, introduce, line, be stamped on your memory/mind, line of descent, investment firm, garrison, boathouse, inclose, access, reservoir, capture, short-term memory, backlog, boughten, bought, off-the-rack, back up, remember, entrepot, battery, origin, think back, throw in, memory, butt in, stock, long-term memory, stick in your mind/memory, fatigues, nest egg, burn in, stemma, computer storage, livestock, blood line, reposition, chisel in, remembering, property, bust, store up, keep, factory-made, strain, memory board, come in, stick in, store-bought, broth, outlet, enclose, off-the-shelf, barge in, salt away, break in, billet, recollect, warehousing, gillyflower, retentiveness.

Usage examples: