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Definition of storm:

  1. Stormy.


hurry-scurry, downpour, harmony, to-do, welter, monsoon, hail, beset, bobbery, upheaval, pother, beleaguer, agitation, drumbeat, bouleversement, prosper, snowstorm, furore, bite someone's head off, peace, bustle, crisis, hubbub, tempest, explosion, earthquake, rainstorm, foofaraw, salvo, annoyance, hubble-bubble, do, jump down someone's throat, impel, pandemonium, stir, achieve, quiet, let off/blow off steam, succeed, ballyhoo, eruption, pressure, hurly-burly, cloudburst, abuse, rumpus, gush, let fly, blitzkrieg, coerce, paroxysm, hale, corroboree, set upon, passion, row, win out, uproar, wet, encounter, stew, subjugate, emergency, hurry, cataclysm, flush, wedge, williwaw, flourish, adventure, flurry, clutter, racket, blather, flare, hoo-ha, downfall, zoo, occupy, fusillade, turmoil, minefield, fall upon, volley, be/get there, escapade, subdue, disturbance, disturbance, rainfall, draw, tear into, suppress, threat, get ahead, moil, fuss, annex, rain, fun, burst, fit, let rip, force, dust storm, have/throw a fit, electrical storm, lash out, rage, ruction, hurly, kerfuffle, scold, ebullition, violent storm, agony, blaze, ruckus, splore, blitz, clatter, alarums and excursions, precipice, drive, bother, flash, ramp, conquer, hoopla, drumfire, anger, push, a disaster waiting to happen, blast, perturbation, give vent to, coil, pull, besiege, shower, tumult, tell off, be a roaring success, surprise, shindy, ado, cannonade, ram, southwester, whirl, deluge, danger, agitation, raise your voice, thrive, flare-up, hullabaloo, seize, temper, commotion, blow up, tempest, helter-skelter, havoc, squeeze.

Usage examples: