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Definition of straddle:

  1. To bestride.


roll, cast, ride, cower, crouch, couple, brace, pair, sit, double over, duet, drape, array, bestraddle, belong, bend, distich, place, mount, get, occupy, posture, span, tramp, yoke, browse, incorporate, loll, involve, add on, balance, crook, bow, duo, bestride, twain, drift, order, take in, exist, there is/are etc., stride, couplet, swan, duad, set, crop, range, lay out, embrace, count in, rove, vagabond, include, stand, crane, wander, dyad, burrow, lie, graze, build in, spread-eagle, grade, roam, run, twosome, bridge, stray, concentrate, sprawl, ramble, set out, pasture, rate, rank.

Usage examples: