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Definition of straight:

  1. Straightness.


sincere, dummy, avoid crime, unadulterated, swell, full marks, all-star, serial, coiffed, dinosaur, cards, forthcoming, succeeding, cracking, teetotaler, mundane, uninterrupted, chosen, unblended, start, establishmentarian, flat, button-down, longitudinal, neat, full-bodied, beauty contest, successional, candid, aboveboard, purified, virtuous, show, black, interpretive, selective, deal, horizontal, legitimate, on-the-spot, unreserved, fogey, undiluted, straight-out, erect, moral, clingy, drip, now, body, up-front, afloat, heterosexual, normal, evergreen, dealer, curved, line, uncurving, alcoholic, E, peachy, straightforward, sober, clean, successive, bid, routine, grand slam, irreproachable, conservative, A-line, close-cropped, dandy, decaffeinated, solvent, openhearted, plain, unguarded, good, bald, tasteful, solvency, closeted, smooth, A, out-front, open, trabeated, fart, at once, stone-cold sober, legally, uncoiled, direct elections, bankable, settled, honorable, disenfranchise, refined, right away, orderly, forthwith, like a shot, dweeb, consecutive, best, balding, nice, course, B, planar, teetotal, uncurled, vertical, serpentine, straight-from-the-shoulder, probabilistic, genuine, permanent, straightarrow, keen, pure, pure, dry, ordinary, C, downright, advance poll, accurate, inside track, conventional, aligned, smashing, GPA, brief, lawful, not bad, behave, right-minded, dependable, instantly, reliable, bi, straight-shooting, sequent, untwisted, conformist, unpermed, trabeate, selectively, straight away, groovy, guileless, just, baggy, inside lane, campaign, bouffant, boot-cut, sign/take the pledge, truthful, live a decent life, fast, transparent, correct, freehearted, continuous, linear, D, electioneering, even, unalloyed, ingenuous, forthright, legitimacy, usual, bore, man-to-man, orthodox, hand, upright, honest, tidy, corking, corked, not touch a drop, square, strong, clear, select, fine, satisfying, alternate, drinkable, handpicked, beggars can't be choosers, chad, back-to-back, nifty, on the wagon, parallel, slap-up, free-spoken, bang-up, substantial, full house, straight person, gay, off-screen, unfailing, heterosexual person, dead on target, commonplace, indefinite, traditional, bedhead, unbent, the home stretch, right, great, live, bully, out-and-out, unbowed, effervescent, inflexible, plain, current, election, drongo, carbonated, unremarkable, principled, all right, forever, outspoken, unwound, temperance, GLBT, ethical, starting line, by-election, come out, right now, upstanding, full-strength, unexceptional, true, guiltless, frank, uncurved, bad hair day, plainspoken, foursquare, distinction, headlong, bristly, interpretative, concentrated, be even, unfeigned, bent, straight off, button-through, bisexual, backless, guest, diehard, clearheaded, innocent, casual, direct, circuit, promptly, decent, righteous, ridged, diagonal, standard, through, unmixed, call, oblique, legal, suddenly, absolute, bushy, debut, fag hag, immediately, hearty, directly, plane, demerit, anorak, flush, solid, straightaway, F, nondescript, everyday, rightful, elect, on-key.

Usage examples: