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Definition of strain:

  1. A cultural subvariety that is only slightly differentiated.


get hold of, note, turn over, chance variable, product line, wrinkle, stock certificate, exertion, job, wring, tenor, extend to, mental strain, cover, dividing line, sample, manikin, poke out, flesh, descent, stress, ache, pattern, personal line of credit, origin, essay, argumentation, toil, bod, frame, emphasis, parentage, prolong, dribble, line of descent, communication channel, pains, labor, phone line, arrive at, line of reasoning, try, attempt, tension, form, cable, argument, bend, farm animal, edition, signifier, stock, airwave, blood, exertion, permeate, emphasize, tenseness, inventory, figure, twisting, render, atmosphere, examine, personal credit line, lineage, fund, course, transmission line, test, birdcall, business, get through, bloodline, touch, soma, focus, tune, offer, pedigree, occupation, logical argument, draw out, change shape, chassis, channel, straining, gunstock, endeavour, taste, caudex, sieve, progress to, widen, phase, variant, elbow grease, mannequin, melodic phrase, twine, hear, pipeline, discrepancy, force, lead, descriptor, nisus, effort, torture, striving, turn, run, stretch, assembly line, gillyflower, ancestry, accomplish, effort, variate, reach out, pass, pass on, overrefinement, aviation, screen, store, subscriber line, blood line, pressure, stemma, attain, sweat, accentuate, push, var., strive, physical body, emphasise, random variable, seam, line of business, breeze, crinkle, build, put out, manakin, stochastic variable, try on, travail, separate out, while, mannikin, zephyr, garble, hit, prove, jerk, stretch forth, filter out, extend, line of credit, carry, expand, neckcloth, twist, nervous strain, air, deform, anatomy, give, contact, configuration, song, judge, tinge, railway line, drive, birdsong, vocal, anxiety, gain, work, bank line, seek, rail line, crease, var., hold out, trouble, furrow, tug, adjudicate, line of work, billet, go, human body, conformation, try out, cast, agate line, demarcation, word form, tense, line, contrast, contour, warp, gentle wind, filtrate, melody, endeavor, color, gallop, broth, business line, physique, version, sift, contort, breed, punctuate, bruise, accent, protract, shape, achieve, filter, trickle, assay, short letter, telephone line, reach, struggle, pain, percolate, telephone circuit, pull, tonal pattern, livestock, variety, sink in, production line, change form, unfold, screen out, call, variance, variation, line of products, flex, exsert, tense up, wrench, colour, tenor voice, distortion, melodic line, puree, falsify, struggle, stretch out, aura, line of merchandise, distort, material body, moil, air travel, broaden, credit line, fag, continue, hand, get to.

Usage examples: