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Definition of strand:

  1. One of the strings of which a rope is composed.
  2. The shore or beach of a sea, an ocean, or of a large lake.
  3. To drive or force on a shore or on shallows; to run aground, as a ship.


mountain chain, brink, chain, found, seacoast, maroon, catchment area, cape, bank, facet, filament, beach, undercoat, chemical chain, range, prime, concatenation, cosmic string, ground, peculiarity, chain of mountains, train, run aground, twine, hairline, bight, frizz, rim, bound, brim, anchor, basin, beachfront, coast, drawstring, property, skein, fuzz, coastline, nature, bowed stringed instrument, quality, bund, range of mountains, establish, hair, fibril, margin, highlights, crowning glory, factor, string, alopecia, marge, border, bristle, drawing string, sand, edge, bay, study at shore, aspect, component, mountain range, shore, feature, base, curl, forelock, continue, filum.

Usage examples: