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Definition of strap:

  1. A long narrow piece of leather; a thong; an iron plate for connecting two or more timbers, to which it is bolted or screwed.
  2. To fasten or bind with a strap; to punish with a strap.


shell, whisk, convulse, gash, join, rag, bandage, thresh about, toss, breast, beat, slash, filament, remonstrate, car, armhole, strop, rack up, worst, catheterize, spring, cab, attach, pip, chide, fix, lather, buttonhole, lecture, reprimand, cut down, bodice, attend, anesthetize, soap, bypass, lambaste, boxcar, baggage car, arm, beat out, dress down, breast pocket, whip, screw, coattails, shoulder strap, bleed, take to task, thresh, berth, stick, crush, chew out, scald, care label, bib, mop up, jaw, call on the carpet, bawl out, thrash about, have words, trounce, carriage, welt, secure, buffet, chew up, flog, strip, bring back, length, line, lambast, scold, vanquish, bogie, call down, thrash, blister, lash, rebuke, pole, collar, cauterize, jactitate, leash, caboose, cable car, anaesthetize, reproof, berate.

Usage examples: