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Definition of straw:

  1. Made of straw, or consisting of it.
  2. The stalks or stems of corn after being thrashed, as a bundle or heap of straw- usually in the singular form with a plural sense; a single stalk or straw; anything proverbially worthless.
  3. To cover with straw; to strew, which see.


corn, wheat, palm, dessertspoon, rice, bean, strew, cultivate, still hunt, angry walk, fair, husk, cultivated, carver, crop circle, cash crop, fodder, jipijapa, stalk, stem, barley, palmetto, chopstick, silage, buckwheat, drinking straw, chromatic, crop rotation, pale yellow, fork, stubble, combine, pea, fish knife, buri, rye, shuck, wheat berry, chaff, carving knife, raffia, jute, stalking, chopper, ladle, crop, knife, arable, cleaver.

Usage examples: