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Definition of stray:

  1. An animal that has wandered.
  2. Having gone astray; wandering.
  3. Irregular.
  4. To wander, as from a known road or place, from a company, or from proper limits; to ramble; to err; to go at large.


foul up, separated, roam, throw away, obscure, range, drop, be sick, straggle, catch-as-catch-can, erratic, verify, affirm, be adrift, disgorge, amphibian, regurgitate, ramble, go astray, freewheel, rate, boy, set out, detached, child, trip up, betray, blow, arachnid, mistake, hike, seethe, arbitrary, retch, lonely, alone, go amiss, vomit, fall short, stumble, pad, plod, array, crop, misplaced, depart, girl, drag in, unattainable, sidetrack, chuck, roll up, slip up, cheat on, slog, mould, wrap, arthropod, let down, lay out, isolated, gone, beast, trek, approach, rove, alley cat, helter-skelter, roll, straddle, desultory, quarantined, twine, imp, digress, cuckold, estranged, unavailable, wheel, adult, get off, trudge, forlorn, revolve, walk, correct, cat, ramble on, friendless, frame, turn, haphazard, disjunct, lost, puke, lonesome, footslog, boomerang kid, set-apart, swerve, move, missing, sick, hustle, in absentia, peregrinate, float, tramp, mess up, wander, traipse, aimless, shed, swear, cheat, swan, assert, biped, turn over, wave, throw off, barf, rank, child prodigy, upchuck, cast off, pasture, stride, gallivant, animal, wind, hurl, sporadic, bear, divagate, graze, spue, weave, bairn, beast of burden, scattered, draw, Wander, thread, jog, regorge, browse, spew, run, arachnid, blunder, honk, adrift, lacking, flap, big game, roll out, step, issue, pluck, cast, saunter, meander, throw up, couch, abandoned, miss, hit-or-miss, alienated, apart, stranded, aver, redact, place, vagabond, amble, project, bring, slapdash, stroll, drift, contrive, beat around the bush, avow, err, throw, hurtle, absent, adolescent, gad, purge, vomit up, mold, cherub, order, grade, slip, shake off, get away from, marooned, undulate, put, away.

Usage examples: