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Definition of streak:

  1. A line or long mark of colour different from the ground; in min., that appearance which the surface of a mineral presents when scratched by a hard instr., or the appearance which a mineral leaves on a rough porcelain slab when forcibly drawn or stroked along its surface; in bot., a straight line formed by a vein, by colour, or by indentation; a range of planks running fore and aft on a vessel's side- also called a strake.
  2. To variegate with lines of a different colour; to stripe.


scruple, hair, blotch, saloon, mottle, dash, rapid, tinge, affectation, discoloration, shadow, rill, outpace, ravel, dab, shred, stripes, test, condition, barbershop, whisper, propensity, shade, big, suite, fly, train, incarnation, foible, course, legal community, taste, dot, MARKS, circle, draw, show, carve, predisposition, mark, procession, surge, vein, suspicion, strain, snap, progression, running play, flare, spot, blaze, ray, political campaign, dram, burst, fault, engrave, speedy, trial, endowment, driblet, string, ridge, hasten, consecution, mite, prevention, ginmill, persona, peanuts, smack, spatter, whiff, pound, ace, skosh, bolt, blow-dry, measure, thunderbolt, banding, smidgen, semblance, comb, rivulet, beam, soup├žon, ghost, lick, grade insignia, legal profession, glimmer, cornrow, variegate, imprint, charge, running game, flaw, taproom, crumb, glint, gallop, touch, bit, band, smell, alter ego, round, speck, barroom, cloud, mark out, running, foot race, order, whisker, chevron, series, intimation, stripe, comb out, swift, outpouring, runnel, hint, discharge, breath, ounce, scintilla, suggestion, little, trace, speed, campaign, patina, shading, spark, outline, sprinkling, tally, bar, strip, braid, point, sequence, race, cake, splash, succession, streamlet, dart, runner, crimp, bound, backcomb, nip, footrace, fast, be quick on your feet, chain, tad, be, jog, run, ladder.

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