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Definition of stream:

  1. A current of water or of a liquid; anything issuing or proceeding in a line or continuous body, as gas, air, light, a multitude of people, & c.; a river; anything moving onwards in a continuous course.
  2. To move onwards in a continous course; to flow, as a liquid; to pour out in abundance; to pour; to send forth.


batch, glare, slide, swarm, run, burst, flux, menses, well out, allocation, gleam, decant, deepen, breeze, period, send out, leap, cast up, sweep, waterway, bombard, bowl, discharge, break, beck, drift, backlog, channel, rush, block, skim, catch, menstruation, hot spring, glide, surge, dive, teem, sprout, menstruum, pass, current, give out, rain buckets, light, generate, rill, skip, burgeon forth, bound, capacity, germinate, go, fly, spill, progress, artesian well, emit, flow rate, well, carry on, catamenia, issue from, balance, electric current, hop, spate, walk on, head, circulate, crest, brush, slip, spring, sail, give off, come in, cruise, jump, dash, arithmetic, catch the light, blaze, pepper, bourgeon, flare, accumulation, move, coast, shine, roll, whisk, amount, feeder, flow, press, pullulate, forge ahead, canal, rate of flow, glow, vault, pour out, tide, course, sparkle, watercourse, flowing, pour, flash, beam, geyser, rain cats and dogs, shoot, pelt, spud, allowance, hurdle.

Usage examples: