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Definition of strength:

  1. The muscular power or energy which animals can exert at will; solidity; quality of sustaining or resisting the application of external force; power or vigour of any kind; power of mind; support; spirit; animation; quality of affecting bodies, or of producing sensible effects on them; richness in any character or ingredient, as alcohol in wine; amount of force; military force.


susceptibility, skill, baby, effectiveness, speciality, specialism, say-so, potential, vigour, military group, attack, invincibility, convertible, consumption, effectuality, authorization, dominance, constancy, medium, peppiness, duress, vividness, firepower, capillary action, persuasiveness, competency, can, forcefulness, personnel, energy, centrifugal force, concentration, efficacy, proficiency, continuity, indestructibility, specialization, action, compulsion, hardiness, qualification, arriviste, distinctiveness, military force, military posture, bowlful, military unit, force, effectualness, toughness, permanence, noise, steadiness, change, experience, c., authorisation, academician, potency, pattern, preservation, security, attraction, bite, fitness, currency, sinew, patience, branch, forte, consistency, survival, bonding, balance, strong, continue, constraint, stubbornness, force, wholeness, might, effectivity, military capability, better, intensity level, alumnus, metier, longevity, thew, charter member, since, posture, sinew, commissioner, acceptance, efficiency, robustness, chroma, decimalize, intensiveness, saturation, soundness, sureness, crumb, intensity, stamina, associate, aptitude, base currency, lastingness, carriage, go, screechiness, in view of, position, expertness, inviolability, reediness, gift, scratchiness, cleverness, resonance, readiness, oligopoly, specialness, integrity, pressure, violence, specialty, denominate, virility, calorific, force play, eternity, common currency, intensity, horsepower, loudness, continuation, core, batch, capacity, monopoly, bowl, fastness, bearing, decimalise, because, confederate, absorbance, force-out, strong suit, puissance, stableness, depth, effect, solidity, keenness, cake, volume, lustihood, strong point, tenacity, attitude, get-up-and-go, sound, enduringness, resistance, Spring, military strength, greatness, forbearance, fortissimo, as a result of, thews, power, centripetal force, ability, talent, endurance, capability, coercion, durability, bureau de change, peculiarity, potence, prowess, dexterity, stance, long suit, potentiality, reverberation, basket, pith, athleticism, amplitude, bed, air resistance, potency, leadership, specialisation.

Usage examples: